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Modern Architecture

This architectural style is a generic term that encompasses several different styles that emerged in the first half of the 20th century.

Spanish Architecture

Blending influences from Spain, Mexico, and Indigenous cultures. beautiful architectural style has become a popular choice.

Victorian Architecture

This architectural style refers to buildings erected during the reign of Queen Victoria of England.

Roman Classical Architecture

This type of architecture refers to the style that was prominently used in ancient Greece and Rome.

Why Our Architectural Designer Company in Islamabad is the best?

Buildings and structures are an essential part of the human experience. We spend our lives in these buildings, work there, shop there, seek care there, and spend our leisure time there—and we judge them by how efficiently they fulfil their particular obligations. In any case, the design of contemporary buildings is the work of important artists known as house architects in Islamabad or architectural designers. An architectural designer is an expert who plans and projects buildings and usually plays a significant role in their structure.

Architectural design is a constraint that emphasizes facing and consulting with the requirements and desires to produce living spaces that consume specific equipment and exclusively, creativity. Architects work with space and essentials to create a rational and efficient design. Architectural design is a well thought out procedure that recognizes strategy. The strategy in this reference is the division of standards into the different zones of the architectural design land. An architectural component is a means to create certain given dedications.

We Design To Strengthen Your Identity

Gulberg Home is among the construction companies in Islamabad offering contemporary architectural and interior design facilities for industrial, commercial and established buildings and best home architects in Islamabad within the budget limits of the client. We ensure a wide range for designing and constructing wonderful, durable, comfortable and convenient buildings by creating new concepts of designs into seamless solid construction.

Phases an Architectural Designer Go Through

There are many architectural design firms in Islamabad. Gulberg Homes is the first choice of individuals among the building contractors in Islamabad offers you the best in quality and management. Discovering the seamless building is previously a task, placing organized your fantasy home design on the existing you have, as well as harmonizing the performance of preparing & planning have definitely the need of Gulberg Home. Gulberg Home with the best architects in Islamabad includes the following steps in planning before construction:

  1. Project Examination
  2. Site Study
  3. Design And Development Stage
  4. Structural Project Solution
  5. Interior Ideas
  6. Landscaping Ideas

Our Working Phases

Project Examination

Site Study

Design and Development Stage

Structural Project Solution

Project Examination

Project Examination

Solution For Roof

Frequently Asked Questions​

<p>Pakistan’s most common and Gulberg Home mostly used architectural designs are listed as follows:</p><p>Modern Architecture</p><ul><li>Spanish Style Architecture Design</li><li>Up-to-date Architecture</li><li>Antique Style Architecture Design</li><li>Minimalist Architecture Design</li></ul>

Landscape architecture is a restraint that emphases on involvement from end to end of the phases of planning, designing, and managing the whole construction process.

Architectural Design’s process needs to go through some of the phases. There are generally 4 types of phases included in architectural design: <ul> <li>Schematic Design</li> <li>Design Development</li> <li>Construction Illustrations</li> <li>Construction Supervision</li> </ul>

An Architect is a person who gives a draft for designing the structure. The architect gives a complete planning and drawing of construction. He develops the concept of a structure and turns those concepts into reality.

Gulberg Homes – that Visualizes your Distinctive Concept

The main goal of Gulberg Home is to delight our clients with a well-planned and unified building illustration for all residential and market conveniences. Gulberg Home is dedicated to proposing a suitable meeting between both parties, i.e. our professional architectural designers and the clients, before embarking on the architectural design journey. Gulberg Home provides all perspectives of architectural design for the ease of clients’ requirements.

We at Gulberg Home are a devoted and dedicated team among the architects in Islamabad that adds value to the whole thing we built. In fact, our architectural designers, consultants and planners who take notification of all the requirements of the consumers. They are knowledgeable enough to transform this information into appealingly attractive and well-designed results.

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