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Building is an important part of the individual experience. Before planning your building construction, the project drawing is essential to know how the area will be covered. Once the concept drawings are completed by the contracted architects, the construction drawings are created to execute the project. A structural drawing is a structural plan with mathematical details that express how a building or structure must be built. House construction plans are acceptable only if prepared, stamped, and written by a licensed engineer.

Construction drawings contain structural details that are important for a building to be considered sound. Because these structural details require the skills of a licensed professional engineer, city departments must have construction drawings stamped and signed by a PE (professional engineer)

Structural drawings can include:

  • A drawing of the building project.
  • Structural details & instructions: this could cover member sizing, designated materials, and connection types.
  • A licensed engineer’s signature & stamp.

Importance Of Quality Structural Drawings

Here are a few reasons that describe why quality structural drawings are important for a project.

Precise Quotation
Before the construction starts, your expected contractors will provide an estimate for the work. While these drawings are not very important for construction, they play a vital role in communicating the design requirements of the project successfully.

Avoiding Additional Costs
Once construction starts, structural drawings help to lead the contractor throughout the selection and installation of connections as well as members.

Structural Drawing Services - Gulberg Home

We treat each project, including structural drawings for homes, offices and roads, individually, ensuring that you will enjoy your home for many years to come. We can provide structural consultants to perform the calculations for the design and specification of structural elements from the foundation to the roof of a building, ensuring that the construction process is practical, cost effective and complies with relevant standards/regulations, while ensuring the stability and safety of the building. Our range of services gives us the freedom to provide various structural design services, use innovative products and materials, and incorporate our clients’ visions to improve each project we work with.

Whether it’s residential, commercial, non-profit or other projects, we are a service-oriented firm dedicated to adding value to the built environment. After all, a building is not just a structure. It must exist in a community, enhancing the experiences of those who use it – and those who benefit only from its environmental impacts.

Importance Of Extravagant Structural Service

Gulberg Home is among the leaders in structural engineering, ensuring that all of our construction projects receive the time and attention to detail they deserve. Gulberg Home structural design services are constantly pushing the envelope to meet our clients’ high expectations. Our capabilities enable architects to realise their aesthetic visions and our clients to achieve their commercial and operational goals. With Gulberg Home’ structural engineering consultants as your construction partner, you can be assured that your self-build will be relaxed and cost-effective without compromising on quality. There are many construction companies in Pakistan, but Gulberg Home as your construction company means that any construction headaches are avoided through the use of our trusted craftsmen and tradesmen and clear communication with all stakeholders and team members.

Top-Notch Structural Engineering Consultant Services

We accompany all types of construction projects from the initial planning phase to operation, acting both as a consultant and as a specialised service provider. Our core structural design services include structural design, peer review, value engineering, structural engineering investigations, building renovations and alterations. Gulberg Home offers the following structural design services:

On-site investigations and records of existing buildings to determine deficiencies, causes and repairs are performed.

Accurate and high quality structural analysis is performed to determine the loading on the building or structural components from internal and external loads and forces.

Design and construction details in steel, reinforced concrete and wood. We provide design information to meet building code requirements and ensure the structural integrity and stability of a functional building structure that meets the following requirements

Best Structural Drawings For A House By Gulberg Home

The users of a building often do not think about its static safety, which, however, can only be guaranteed by careful planning and construction. We offer structural consulting services to perform the calculations required to design and specify the structural components of a building, from the foundation to the roof, to ensure that the construction process is practical, economical and complies with all applicable standards and regulations, while ensuring the stability and safety of the building. To assist the owner or contractor and for submission to local authorities or the appropriate regulatory agency, we provide the design information along with all relevant detailed drawings and plans.